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What we do


What we do ...

SITAC assists in implementing the vocational training system with NT businesses to ensure they have skilled people to keep their business and the NT economy strong.

SITAC provides quality information to local and national policy makers to make sure NT workforce development needs are met.

SITAC works with industry and training providers to identify current and potential training requirements and skills shortages.

SITAC helps local businesses keep up to date with training available and how they can access it.

SITAC provides opportunities for the voice of NT to be heard at the national level in the review of training material, including training packages.

SITAC acts as an advocate for NT industry in policy development discussions at the NT and national level.


What we don't do...

We do not deliver training. Accredited training is delivered by registered training organisations or RTOs.

We do not match people to jobs. There are several commercial and government funded agencies available to support job seekers.

We do not regulate training quality. Training quality in the NT is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

We do not sign up trainees and apprentices. The Australian Apprenticeship Centre will do this.