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NQC Introduces Changes to Training Package Qualification Packaging Rules

16 December 2009

The National Quality Council (NQC) has introduced important changes to the qualification packaging rules for all Training Packages. The changes respond to requests from industry, employers and learners for greater flexibility to meet their specific training needs. The major changes include:- · ONE THIRD or more of total units required to gain a VET qualification will be ELECTIVES · The choice of ELECTIVE units can be broadened, to allow ONE SIXTH of total units to be included from other qualifications in the same Training Package, other Training Packages and ACCREDITED COURSES · Licensed and trade occupations will be exempt from these measures. An evaluation in 2010 will include consideration of this · All units will be called either CORE or ELECTIVE. Recommended combinations of electives for particular specialisations will be presented as GROUPS The timeline for implementation is · January 2010 – transition arrangements for applying new packaging rules to new Training packages will be in place from 1 January 20101 until March 2010. · 31 March 2010 – all ISCs report to NQC with a gap analysis showing which qualifications meet new packaging rules and a work plan to rectify those that don’t · 30 June 2010 – all ISCs report to the NQC showing that their highest use Training Packages & qualifications by volume of enrolment, as identified in their 31 March 2010 report, now comply with the new packaging rules · 31 December 2010 – all ISCs report to the NQC showing that all Training Package qualifications now comply with new packaging rules.

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