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Streamlined Training Packages

14 February 2011

The National Quality Council (NQC) has endorsed a new design model for training packages.

This reform is a key priority for the VET Products for the 21st Century project and is the culmination of more than two years of research, consultation and development work by the NQC.

The new streamlined design will result in:

  • more user-friendly and accessible training packages which use simpler language, less repetition and greater consistency
  • a greater focus on assessment knowledge and foundation skills (targeted sections of the training package will make it easier for registered training organisations (RTOs) to address these issues)
  • more support for RTOs (companion volumes will provide detailed advice on the use and implementation of a training package).

Some of the more detailed changes in the new training package design model include:

  • units of competency are simplified to be an expression of performance standards only
  • assessment requirements are strengthened and given their own section, with performance and knowledge evidence linked to the elements and performance criteria in the unit of competency
  • required skills are now expressed in the ‘elements’ and ‘performance criteria’
  • foundation skills are explicitly listed in the unit of competency
  • the range statement is renamed Range of Conditions and reflects context and operating conditions only.

The NQC has agreed to a transition period until the end of 2012 for industry skills councils to update all training packages to the new design model.

In the first half of 2011 a small number of training packages will be developed as models to help the transition to the new design.

For more information, visit (select ‘Streamlined Training Packages - December 2010’.)